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welcome back to underwater love

french inspired fish and seafood
pop-up restaurant @MAME Seefeld Zurich

french inspired fish and seafood pop-up restaurant

Tide is high again for the second chapter of underwater love. After the summer break, we are ready to be back in the kitchen. Twirl of new ingredients and flavors. Our shelf is ready for the new selection of wine.The same scent of the ocean will surprise you brand new.

Starting the 14th september till 10th november
14./15.9., 21./22.9., 5./6.10., 12./13.10., 19./20.10., 2./3.11., 9./10.11.

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we love paris and we love the sea

the menu
It's a french inspired 5-course surprise menu with dishes of fish and seafood with an international twist which will be paired with fine wines. The products will be seasonal and from the lake or sea depending whats available on the market.
If you have intolerances, food allergies or dietary restrictions please make a note on your reservation. No vegetarian option available.

Looking for a great dining experience?
Then make your online reservation today!

about us

Underwaterlove Pop-up restaurant is founded by three passionate gastronomy women who desire to bring the Savoir vivre and simple fish and seafood cuisine to Zurich.

We would love to invite you to a menu composed of small sharing plates, accompanied with natural wines, providing an intimate and unique experience.

Looking forward to have you as our guest.
Mai-Thu, Mirjam and Mai 

What we do besides loving the underwater

Mai-Thu and Mai delicious Vietnamese Food

Mirjam Eberle Private Chef

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MAME  Seefeldstrasse 19 8008 Zurich


photography and pottery by Mojca Vidmar
illustrations by Selina Bächli

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